We strive to meet and exceed every expectation, from ease of use in our website, through delivery and all the way to the harvest!

Lahkim Shabazz‎ > Rivers of Provision 10/6/2016 via Facebook
Just received my plants a day earlier than expected, I ordered them yesterday!!! Aaron Jones was really great, answered all of my questions very promptly. My future wife and I believe that we were meant to find this site, I personally have been looking for a Gogi berry tree for years!!!! Thanks again Aaron!!

Tim Bass > Rivers of Provision 9/29/2016 via Facebook
Aaron, i want to thank you for the great plants we got Saturday. Folks, the prices are great and the plants are looking fantastic. The information is very helpful. Thank s for letting me bend your ear a bit and ask all of my questions. Watered them well when we got home and the next morning, the ones that were suffering from heat just sprung back up like nothing. I wish i could spring back that fast.

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